Traceable Tree brings transparency to wood industry


Traceable Tree is ...

a smartphone application and web platform service that uses blockchain technology to track wood from forests to the end products. Focusing on Finnish wood industry, Traceable Tree wants to bring innovation in the wood supply chain. 

It’s possible to track diamonds on your ring; It’s possible to track your favorite shirts; It’s possible to track fish on your dinner table. Why not your furniture?!

Traceable Tree values Finnish forests and the environment. Traceable Tree brings benefits to the end-consumers, wood manufacturing companies, and forest owners. 

Join Traceable Tree; the right choice for ourselves and our future!


Who Wins With Traceable Tree?



Traceable Tree empowers the consumers to be sure about your choices. With Traceable Tree application, end-consumers get access to the data about the whole steps that wood takes. You can also see the impacts of your purchases on the forests with the information provided by the forestry researchers; Traceable Tree has collaboration agreements with several forestry scientists from the University of Jyväskylä, LUKE, and many others.

Wood Product Manufacturers

Traceable Tree creates a new network in the Finnish wood industry. You do not have to waste much time and energy to find the wood type and quality you need; you can simply visit our web platform and search where the wood of your wish is. You can be assured of the stable supply of the wood and trust the wood quality. With Traceable Tree, you can target the customers who are keen on sustainability as well!

Forest Owners

Traceable Tree adds advantages to Finnish forests. You will be satisfied to see that your high quality woods are appreciated by the wood artisans. More income can be generated by selling your woods for higher value products instead of toilet paper. With Traceable Tree, you don’t have to join another forest certificate as it functions as a reliable guarantee for your commitment to the environment.


“In five years customers will want specific information about the wood that is used in their product.”

CEO of a Finnish furniture manufacturer


Meet the Team


Marianne Koppatz

Marianne is an education and travel business professional. Her strengths are in networking and generating ideas. She has worked widely in different fields and has many successful experiences in project management. She is also an ecological enthusiast.


Jyrki Ollikainen

Jyrki has a retail business background and 20 years of strong experience in managing customer-oriented sales and logistics. He enjoys developing business processes and supply chains and is curious about digitalization. He is passionate about nature, construction  and sustainability.


Gabriel de la Cruz

Gabriel is interested in Unix systems, image processing and crypto culture. He worked for over 15 years at the University of the Arts Helsinki, designing the print-lab, sound studio, and image databases among others. Currently he teaches 3D graphics, color correction, and sound. An entrepreneur since age 16, deployed and maintained server infrastructure lasting over a decade.


Kha has background in coding and he is a Blockchain enthousiaste.


Elina Melasuo

Elina has 15 years of background working in the public sector. She has a degree from the Helsinki Business Polytechnic and a recent Master’s degree from the University of Helsinki (language technology). Elina gets enthusiastic about the opportunities digital services provide for people and nature. She is keen to make a difference for the greener future.


Kha Nguyen

“All companies that export their wood products to Europe and Asia will benefit from this product.”

CEO of a Finnish wood company


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