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Why should we know the origine of materials in general?

In our Globalisation word, the only way to be really sustainable, is to kow the origine of the articles that we purchace. I just recieved advices from GreePeace to how can we prevent the illegal harvesting of Amazone rainforests. On the first place was vegetarian diet but on the second place was the knowledge of the origine of the things. That includes food, clothes and construction articles. The origine is explicitelly shown when you go to grocery store and buy for exemple vegetables, but when it comes to other articles, this question might be very tricky. Sometimes there is the manufacturing country, but sometimes not. But the manufacturing country does not tell where the rawmateriels come from. So for a consumer it is almost impossible to be genually green.

We try to help the consumers to be more ecological by providing this information when it comes to woodarticles. We want to promote sustainable forestry and in addition to bring more value to well managed forests.

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